Monday, October 10, 2011

Spanish Harlem, or My Perfect Pencil

For this week's sew weekly challenge, we were told Spanish Harlem. After last week's nightgown, I knew I wanted to make something I could wear in public. I've also come to the decision recently that I don't own enough skirts. But what about sticking with the theme?

Step in the fabric I found earlier this week! It's a wonderful Spanish orange corduroy with a rather busy pattern of diamonds that makes me think of those ikat patterns I've seen ladies wearing around Harlem since this summer. It also happens to fit with my fall palette I'm trying to work in. Pretty perfect, right?!

I took a ton of pictures yesterday while I was sewing. We had beautiful afternoon sunshine filling the apartment and I was inspired to capture my progress as I was chugging along. I've also thrown in a picture of my sewing machine. It was my Christmas gift from everyone in my family last year and I love it so! I also have a domestic Kenmore, but he hasn't seen the light of day since this beauty arrived.

Another awkward photo for everyone out there keeping count!

Please note the fantastic pattern matching and how great my legs look in skirts this length!

I used one of the retro Simplicity patterns I had laying around, number 2154 to be exact. It's a really simple pencil skirt that I shortened by about 5" before I cut out. I could have just patterned it myself, but I've been feeling lazy lately. Also, why make a whole new pattern when you can just adjust a preexisting one to fit your needs?

Like I said, lazy!

Finished hems!

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out. The pattern didn't call for a lining, but I added one. Really, skirts should be lined, and if I'm going to take the time to make myself something you better believe I'm going to make it beautiful. I HATE when homemade outfits look homemade. The kick pleat is wonderful, I made it super short and thick, something different from what I've seen on the back of most skirts.

Kick pleat outside.
Kick pleat inside
Look at that beautiful texture!

Fabric: Spanish Orange Corduroy with diamond design, a one way pattern.

Cost: $18 for a yard of the corduroy and $9 for a yard of the navy Bemberg I used to for the lining. I had the zipper, interfacing and hook in my stock. $27 total!

Time: 2 hours to cut (I ran a basting line by hand down CF and CB since there was pattern matching involved.) and another 4 to assemble.

Details: Fully lined pencil skirt with CB kick pleat, invisible zipper, and hand stitched hem. This garment is made of love, every little detail I could have thought of is in this skirt.

Wear again: Hell yeah! This is going to be a staple in my fall wardrobe, I can't get over how great my legs look!

And on a closing note, I'm taking part in the Sew Weekly pattern swap! I'm so excited, the pattern I bought for my partner just arrived in the mail and tomorrow after work I'm going to stop in the garment district and pick her out some goodies to send with it! I'm thinking something with some sparkle for the upcoming holidays!

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  1. Oh WOW. I am absolutely in love with this. Your fabric is fantastic, and the style is perfect for Autumn outings! Lovely work!