Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Think Pink, or The Night Cap Chemise

Let me start this post by saying what everyone has been thinking, "about time!" I know, I know. But better late then never! And, oh how glorious this chemise is.

I started with Simplicity 2890, then added the straps and sash to give me a little shape. The pattern is cut to just be this giant rectangle of a chemise that gets smushed into a corset. Not so attractive by its self. I also added the black lace and the pearls. They lend it some 1960s drama that made me decide the perfect setting for these pictures was pouring myself a night cap at the bar.

 Look at how beautiful the fabric drapes! It just seems to flow across my shoulders and down my back.

Fabric: I have a wonderful story about this fabric! It's some kind of a silk blend that I got while I was in Abu Dhabi last winter. I was there for work for two weeks and where I was staying also just happened to be their version of the garment district! I haggled, but the dollars to dirhams conversion was still in my favor so I'm not too upset knowing they probably still over charged me. But back to the fabric, it just spoke to me when I walked in the door of the store. It's so soft it feels and looks like the petals of a flower. I ended up buying 2 yards. I bought it with the plan of making a robe, but I thought a chemise would fit the fabric better.

Cost: 20 dirhams (about $5.70) for the fabric, and then I bought the black lace too $8 for two yards. The pearls were in my stock and the pattern cost me $1 at a Joanne's sale in Portland, ME. So total? About $15.

Time: 6 hours to cut and assemble, then about 4 more for hand sewing lace and pearls. I ignored the pattern direction for armhole facings (what?! let's add bulk where we want it the least, okay Simplicity) and just made all my seams french seams. So to make that easier on myself I made sure to set in the sleeves before I closed my side seams. My sleeve hems and skirt hem are all 1/8" rolled hems (I'll have to show you my trick later, it looks amazing! and goes super quick)

Wear again: For sure! Just never out of the house. This is an apartment only look, consider yourselves lucky you got photos of me wearing it. I almost just put it on the dress form, but that wouldn't have done it justice. 

Just look at how lovely my shoulders look peaking through the fabric!

 This last picture here is the neckline. I love the trick of a massive amount of gathering over the chest to make it look like my waist is itty-bitty when I add the sash. Perfect! In closing, I love the drape, the neckline, the shape, and how wonderful I feel in this nightgown!

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  1. Just found this from Sew Weekly and must say-stunning! And the fabric for under $6?? Must admit I'm a little jealous! I've had flowy loungewear on the brain lately, think you may have kick started me into action, thanks!