Friday, September 30, 2011

Think Pink Teaser

Okay, as promised here's my inspirational photo, which I can proudly say Mike saw and told me it was rather sexy (lucky him, right?!). After taking this picture, I decided my project needed something extra. So I stopped in the garment district on my way to meet up with the Sew Weekly crowd for dinner and picked up some really nice black lace to help kill the massive amount of pink.

I'm all cut out and ready to assemble this weekend, I'm hoping I can get everything finished by Sunday night. Look who's helping me out already!

Gotcha Morelle. Look at her "who me?" face. It's like she hears my patterns rustling in the wind and comes running, only to sit on whatever project I want to be working on. It's impressive, really.

And most importantly, I had a WONDERFUL time at dinner tonight with the Sew Weekly group! It was great to meet everyone and hear everyone's real voice! Thanks to all for great conversation and for splitting that bottle of sparkling wine! Oh! And least I forget, I also walked away with a pattern left over from the swap they had that afternoon. I'll have to move it to the front of my to-do list in honor of our evening out.

Now I'm back home with Mike, who informs me that even though he had hamburgers for dinner, he had whiskey afterward so he's safe to kiss! I don't eat red meat or pork, so he usually cooks those items when I'm not around to complain. But seriously, why cook it if I can't eat it?!

Au Revior for now! (That was for you Oona and Vicki, and I want you both to know I spelled it "avoir" before I realized that was the verb "to have" and had to look up the correct spelling.)

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  1. i'm right there with you. au revoir? a voir? toodeloo? who can tell.

    and whiskey, yes, whiskey cures all ills....

    so glad you could come!